Manufacturing your Gutters

We manufacture your new gutter on-site with our mobile unit. Our equipment molds and shapes the aluminum to the exact measurements, eliminating unnecessary joints.

Color Selection

During the visit of our representative, you will have to choose from our wide range of colors.

Continuous micro-mesh DoublePro gutter guard for new gutter installations

The DoublePro can withstand the worst conditions in Canada, pushing debris and ice out of your gutter year after year.

It is covered by the industry’s most audacious 360° warranty. This includes a complete lifetime coverage against problems caused by debris intrusion in the gutter, even in coniferous areas. No other product is covered against debris in pine areas.


The T-Rex continuous hanger for ultra-durable gutters

Gouttières T-Rex

The T-Rex® is a continuous fastening system for new gutters. It securely attaches your gutters to your residence, making them much stronger and more durable than those fastened with nails or spaced hooks. The T-Rex continuous hook system protects your gutters from damage caused by snow and ice, and prevents leaves and debris from clogging them.

The T-Rex system has proven its effectiveness. The T-Rex M-5200 is guaranteed for life on materials and strength, and guaranteed for 40 years against obstructions.

The Gutter Clean System for optimal protection

Gouttiere gutter clean

The Gutter Clean System is a gutter protection system that prevents leaves and debris from entering and clogging your gutters. It prevents overflowing and water infiltration. It is installed by a professional who will screw it onto the top of your existing gutters, without having to replace them. Its robust aluminum design and debris protection make it the most installed product in Canada.

Covered by a 40-year warranty against obstructions, your peace of mind is ensured!

Call us for more information, we will be happy to assist you. Gouttières et revêtements Synergy is an authorized installer by Alu-rex.

Our estimates are free of charge. We are available at all times, even in the evening and on weekends.