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Exterior Siding

Does your home, business, or other building need a facelift or require exterior cladding to complete its construction? Our specialists in this field are here to advise you and carry out these works.

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A home’s exterior siding is like its coat. It’s the layer that protects your home, the one that is visible, and the one that prevents wall degradation. Its appearance matters, but its environmental performance is also important.

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Whether it’s wood, aluminum, or any other material, our experts are here to meet your expectations and work within your budget. Our experts will even come to your location for free to provide a quote.

At Gouttières et revêtements Synergy, our teams guide you through your renovation process. We help you find the best exterior cladding for your building or home. We take into account your needs and budget to offer you the best solutions.

Exterior Insulation

For your exterior insulation needs, we offer polyurethane foam insulation, a very efficient and effective insulator, or Styrofoam panels, a proven insulator for generations. We also do caulking. Contact us for an estimate and we will evaluate together what is the best insulation solution according to your property and budget. We offer customized solutions tailored to your needs.

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For more information, please contact us. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Soffits and Fascias

To ensure a beautiful finish and, of course, good ventilation, we offer soffits that harmonize with your fascia for a perfect match with your exterior siding.

Our fascias and soffits will perfectly harmonize with each other. They have sought-after features such as a stylish finish that adapts to different eaves and superior weather resistance.

They are maintenance-free and provide effective protection. The aluminum-covered fascia is durable and robust. You will no longer have to replace your fascia, and there will be no need to paint it.