Regulations on gutters


Regulations on gutters can vary depending on the city and municipality. In Montreal, for example, gutters are mandatory on all roofs and must be in good working condition to direct rainwater towards an appropriate drainage system. Non-compliance with this regulation can result in fines or penalties for homeowners and building owners.

The City of Montreal’s regulation on water drainage also stipulates that property owners must ensure that their gutters do not discharge rainwater onto neighboring properties or onto the street, which can cause flooding or water accumulation problems.


In Laval, property owners are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of their gutters. Gutters must comply with current standards and must not discharge runoff onto neighboring properties. It is important to inquire about local regulations before installing or replacing a gutter to avoid the risk of non-compliance.

In other cities, regulations may vary in terms of the size and materials of gutters, their location in relation to neighboring property, or the minimum distance between the gutter and the property line. Property owners should therefore inquire with their municipality to learn the specific rules in their region.

Overall, gutter regulations aim to ensure the safety and sanitation of properties by ensuring adequate drainage of rainwater. Property owners must be aware of their responsibilities regarding gutters and comply with the rules in force in their region.


Réglementations sur les gouttières

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