Snow stops

Gutters are installed on a vast majority of homes in Quebec and are now often requested by your home insurance. However, some elements in your home can damage the installation of your gutters. For example, tin roofs, which are eco-friendly and durable, are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, they bring certain disadvantages when it comes to gutter installation.

During snow melts, asphalt shingle roofs retain snow masses and prevent rapid sliding. On the other hand, tin roofs provide no grip due to their smooth finish, causing rapid snow sliding. The weight of the snow typically causes irreversible damage to the gutters, requiring you to reinstall them each season.

To prevent this from happening, several options are possible. The most effective is the installation of snow stops. This device is installed near the edge of the roof and retains snow during melting. It is often recommended for the safety of people who may walk around your home. Its installation extends the life of your gutters and ensures the safety of your loved ones.

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