Soffit and Fascia

What are they?

The soffit is actually just a sheet of aluminum with small holes. It is installed at the level of the eaves. The small holes allow for ventilation of your roof without letting in pests. To install soffit, you must first have a roof with overhanging edges.

The fascia comes with the soffit. It is a piece of aluminum that is part of the roof. It works with the soffit to seal the roof.

What are they for?

The soffit serves to circulate air. Although it may seem simple, air circulation is essential because it prevents moisture buildup and thus protects the attic. Without ventilation, moisture will turn into ice and then water in the summer, which would create mold. Additionally, the soffit helps protect your home from small pests like insects or small animals that may nest in the roof. It also forms a barrier against water and snow, preventing water infiltration. The soffit also improves the appearance of your home as it hides the underside of the roof. Soffit can be matched to all types of siding.

Fascia serves to improve the aesthetics of your home, but not just that. It also serves to protect your home. Additionally, fascia can hide the wood, making the roof more aesthetically pleasing. The roof is always made of wood and needs to be ventilated to prevent it from deteriorating. Since the main purpose of fascia is to ensure water resistance, it should be installed by professionals to ensure that it is installed properly. Calling on professionals will also ensure an aesthetically adequate appearance.

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