When should we replace our gutters?

We may need to replace our gutters for several reasons. There may be issues with leaks, blockages, sagging, and others. It is important to consider this as the proper functioning of your gutters is crucial to ensure the safety of your home. Gutters allow for the evacuation of water away from the foundation of the house and thus protect it against potential much more serious problems (cracks, water infiltration, etc.).

What is clogging?

It is very important to clean our gutters well to avoid clogging. This means the accumulation of debris or leaves in the gutters that would block the passage of water. To verify that it is indeed clogging, please first ask yourself: Is the water flowing? Are your gutters overflowing? Can you see stagnant water around your house or on the walls? It is important to address the problem quickly as the accumulation of water could create rust and deteriorate the lifespan of your installations and subsequently damage the fascia and roof. When your gutters appear to be clogged, simply remove the larger debris. Then, using a hose, you can clean the gutters and downspouts. If the water still doesn’t drain, it could be due to improper slope and you may need to consider some repairs to allow water to flow.

What is “affaissement”?

It refers to the sagging or bending of the gutter supports that hold the entire installation in place. Over time, the installation can break, causing the hangers to shift and putting the entire structure at risk of collapse. The weight of the entire structure rests on the hangers, so when they sag, they can give way at any time, especially when adding the weight of rain. To repair them, it is best to call in a team of experts in the case of sagging.

What are leaks?

Leaks in your gutters occur when cracks and holes form over time and/or due to a lack of maintenance. These leaks can cause damage to the structure, walls, or roof of your home. It’s important to act quickly to repair the cracks to avoid having to replace the entire system. Rust is a common cause of leaks in metal gutters. To identify leaks, ask yourself the following questions: Are there multiple points of leakage? Are the gutter joints rusted? Does water accumulate in certain areas? Seamless gutters are recommended as they are less prone to cracks and holes. Broken gutters or downspouts… When a section is completely broken, it is essential to have it repaired quickly, as this could lead to the accumulation of water and cause more serious problems. Broken downspouts can divert water to the wrong location and may not redirect it to an area away from the foundation of the house.

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