Choosing the right gutter guard:

Which wire mesh to choose from all the options?

Several qualities of wire mesh are available nowadays. The choice of these generally depends on your needs. The plants surrounding your home are usually the factor to consider. Regarding installation, some can be installed on the old gutters and others require a complete new installation for proper functioning.

The basic choice is usually the Gutter clean by Alu-rex or the wire mesh offered by Kaycan, both of which are identical in their function. Their installation is recommended when you want to reduce the cleaning of your gutters and prevent leaves from clogging your downspouts. This wire mesh is also installed to offer greater strength to your gutters and allows for better resistance to freezing and thawing. These can usually be installed on top of existing gutters or added during a new installation.

The second choice is the T-Rex offered by Alu-rex. This is a higher-end range than the first choice and offers the same advantages, but in a better way. This continuous hook offers better resistance and a prolonged life span to your gutters. Its installation is only offered for new gutter installation since it acts as a hook and will be installed depending on each of the screws passing through the gutter as well as the wire mesh. The whole thing being fixed in one piece offers uniform strength throughout the length.

Finally, the new technology that has recently appeared, the Double-pro micro-filtering continuous hook. The problem with the previous wire meshes was that they were not adapted for fine debris such as conifer needles. This wire mesh was therefore designed using eclipse technology using two perforated aluminum membranes. These two platforms are perfectly offset to block the path of the needles without ever clogging the perforations. This wire mesh also offers vortex technology, which is used to allow for water suction. The two membranes put together create a drainage capacity three times higher and prevent water accumulation during heavy rain.

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