The Importance of Gutters

The primary role of gutters is to manage rainwater and protect the foundation and roof by carrying water away. Foundations must remain dry to prevent mold and cracks. In addition, the proper installation of gutters can prevent water accumulation and, by extension, protect the French drain. Damaged gutters could lead to serious repercussions, damaging your home. Therefore, gutters should be installed throughout the property to protect it adequately. Gutter guards will make maintenance easier, reducing the need for frequent inspection and cleaning. They also help protect your home from water infiltration, snow, and ice.

If gutters are not functional, there may be several water accumulations on your property. These accumulations could cause water infiltration, which could lead to serious consequences for your home, resulting in much higher costs.

Why are your gutters no longer functioning?

If your gutters no longer seem to be functioning, several causes are possible. It could be insects such as bee nests that have lodged in the gutter. Pests are also attracted to the moisture in gutters and mold and may have settled there. If you have trees on your property, leaves can also block the gutters. In winter, if the roof is poorly insulated, the weight of snow and ice can break them. To prevent all of this, there are gutter guards available in the form of wire mesh that is installed on the gutter. Two types of mesh are available: double-pro, which protects against pine needles, for example, and is more efficient, or the T-rex 5200, which is the basic option. Gutter guards do not do all the work, but they make cleaning easier and allow for less frequent cleaning. Furthermore, it is very important not to forget to clean our gutters.

How to Maintain Gutters?

To maintain our homes properly, it is essential to know that we need to clean our gutters. You can either hire a gutter cleaning team like us or do it yourself.

To clean your gutters yourself, start from the bottom and remove all debris. Then, you can clean them with a high-pressure machine. It is important not to lean your ladder against the gutter. Then, remove anything that is blocking the gutters (leaves, pine needles, seeds, insects, bird nests, nuts, etc.). Next, you should block the end of the downspout and fill it with water. This way, you can identify any leaks. When you unblock it, if the water comes out slowly, you will need to make sure that there are no more debris in the gutter. It could also be a problem with the flow angle.

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